Powder Coating

Color Chart
Glosses, Mattes, Textures, Metallics, Candies, Hammer-Tones, Veins, Wrinkles... there are thousands of colors and finishes to choose from. We stock and can special order powders so finding the right color is no problem. Here is a small sample of some of the color selections available.

*Colors may vary due to computer screen resolutions

Strobe White HWS8-C0045
Antique White HWS6-C7786
Smooth Gray HAS8-C2858
Stone HAS4-C0000
Nitro Blue Text HLT2-C0006
Char Gray Text HAT2-C0111
Gloss Black HBS8-C2299
Box Black HBS4-C0003
Semi-Gloss Black HBS4-C2132
Blackjack HBT2-C0008
Phantom Black HBT4-C0002
Low Gloss Texture HBT2-C2621
Satin Black HBS2- C2932
Furniture White UWS8-C0002
Chalk UWS8-C0015
Unicream UHS8-C0015
Regal Yellow UYS8-C0010
Tractor Green UGS-C0001
Electric Blue ULS8-C0003
61 Gray UAS4-C0001
Machine Tool Gray UAS8-C0009
Matte Black UBS2-C0001
High Gloss Black UBS8-C0000
Flat Black UBS2-C0007
Safety Blue ELS8-C0002
Iron Gate EBS2-C0000
Coal EBS8-C0000
Carbide Black EBT2-C0000
Ebony EBS2-C0002
Satin Black EBS2-C2782
Rocket White PWS8-C0025
Coastal White PWS6-C0018
Gloss White PWS8-C0016
Tech White PWS8-C0013
Whitewater PWS8-C0026
Pure White PWS8-C7479
White Powder PWS8-C0002
Almond PHS4-C0026
Regal Red PRS8-C0008
International Red PRS8-C0015
Bittersweet PES8-C0004
Gloss Orange PES8-C6849
Safety Orange PES8-C6148
Safety Yellow PYS8-C0007
NL Yellow PYS8-C8289
Campus Green PGS8-C0016
Vista Green PGS6-C0016
Fence Green PGS8-C0651
Capitol Blue PLS8-C0019
Blue Ribbon PLS8-C0002
Mirror Black PBS8-C2819
Ansi 70 Gray PAS8-C0003
61 Gray PAS4-C2395
49 Gray PAS6-C0001
Frame Gray PAS4-C0045
Black PBS4-C0009
Gloss Black PBS8-C0000
Satin Black FBS4-C2634 TGIC-Free
Low Gloss Black PBS4-C0010
Raven Texture I PBT2-C0001


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